KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, February 14, 2006



Presented by Adam Tweddell

Adam Tweddell used Mark Jones’ laptop with Ubuntu installed
with the KLUG SVGA projector to deliver a live tour of the
Linux desktop. He went through practically every menu option,
answered participants questions on-the-fly, then he went beyond
the Gnome Desktop of Ubuntu tour and explained strategic system
considerations. An example of this would be the question Adam
answered about how to set up a partition so Windows and Linux
can share files on a dual-boot workstation. Just set up a FAT32
partition as both OS’s can read/write without problems. Partitions
formatted with other file systems do not play well together.
Writing data to NTFS partitions from Linux is not recommended.
He must have covered several dozen of these tips that people new
to Linux will certainly want to know.

OK! So you have Ubuntu installed and everything is configured!
Now what? You are sitting at the Gnome desktop GUI with some
block icons labeled hda1, hda5, maybe hda6 too. HUH? Adam
showed what you would do to get the desktop set up for your use.

Some topics covered:

Wine – Wine Is Not an Emulator
Various partition schemes
Windows files to/from Linux files
Mounting/unmounting drives
File System selection discussion
90% of Gnome desktop menu options
System Preferences - customization
Making desktop icons
Trash function
Add and remove applications:*
Synaptic Package Manager
* Ubuntu uses Deb Packages not RPM’s.
Configuration files
Printing and setting up a printer
Time and Date function
Search for files feature
Task bar and panel function

OpenOffice.org *office productivity toolset
Evolution *e-mail and more
Firefox *web browser
Nautilus File Manager *file permissions
K3B *GUI CD & DVD burning utility
Mplayer *media player

How did Adam pack all this information into an hour and a half?
He did it! It looked like he did an extemporaneous delivery with
a definite outline in his head. He got some help from others along
the way when questions were asked. An outstanding delivery with
great use of the technology to illustrate Linux desktop functionality.
WOW! There was a steady clamoring for this type of presentation.
Unfortunately the presentation was only seen tonight by a few of
those who are just getting started with Linux. Cupid may have had
something to do with that.

KLUG Chair Andrew Thompson and KLUG Vice-Chair Mark Jones
addressed tonight’s attendees regarding a planned change in the KLUG
meeting format. The first Tuesday of the month would still be the
install/configuration meeting. On the second Tuesday of the month
there will be a KLUG presentation on one of a variety of introductory
Linux subjects. The third Tuesday of the month will feature intermediate
level presentation content. YUP! You guessed it! On the fourth Tuesday
KLUG will host an advanced topic presentation. If there is a fifth Tuesday
in some month... perhaps an LDAP presentation will be given in Latin.
There is a shared idea that this meeting structure will better serve the
KLUG mission statement, the community, and Open Source/Linux.

(15 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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