KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



Presented by Mark Jones


A $50 Linux box with a 200 MHz CPU and a 40 Gb hard
Drive? Mark Jones brought in his Series 2 TiVo box and
connected it to his laptop, the internet, and the KLUG

SVGA [InFocus LP335] projector.

We went through the "TiVo Central" main menu:
- Now Playing List
- Watch Live TV
- Music, Photos, and More
- Showcases & TV Guide
- Pick Programs to Record
- Messages and Settings

Mark showed us how he uses his TiVo box and how simple
it is to operate. TiVo services can be contracted in three
ways. Lifetime, yearly, and monthly. The current yearly
fee is $155. Mark demonstrated the basic functions and
described many more. The TiVo remote runs the system and

it is also programmable for other devices. Mark stressed
that you can operate this system without technical expertise.

[from the TiVo web site]
"Only TiVo® is so smart, it's simple to use. Just choose
a TiVo box and activate the TiVo service to get all the
entertainment you care about. TiVo automatically finds
and digitally records up to 300 hours of programming you
want —your favorite show, every Coppola movie, home
improvement programs, Dora cartoons, whatever you choose

—all while you're out living life. Plus, pause, rewind
and slo-mo live TV.

Offers award-winning features like Season Pass™ recordings,
WishList™ searches, and TiVo Online Scheduling to easily
record your favorite shows. Offers features that work like a
search engine to find the shows you want (by title, actor,
director, category, even keyword). Offers home entertainment
innovations that go beyond TV with features like digital music
& photos. TiVoToGo™ lets you transfer shows to your laptop
or easily burn them to DVD** Works with any TV setup so
you can take it anywhere: cable, digital cable, satellite,

even combinations." http://www.tivo.com/1.0.asp

(14 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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