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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Presented by Todd Pillars

SWMITI Web Site:

Todd Pillars described a framework that facilitates the delivery
of affordable technology utilizing Open Source solutions and
support professionals. Bringing the customer’s process needs and

the advantages of Open Source solution implementations together.
How many people have been waiting for the Open Source community

to deliver an alternative to proprietary software? SWMITI offers
the opportunity to accomplish that for both customers and computer

SWMITI has recently been established to foster acceptance of open
source software, particularly the Linux operating system, in
education, not-for-profit, business, and government organizations
in the Southwest Michigan area. It is the hope of this initiative
that we will become the place for educators, businesses, and
entities that seek information, education, and collaboration with
others that have a desire to increase the productivity and also the

security of their computing environment. The mission of SWMITI is
to stimulate economic development through learning, collaboration,
and implementation of open source projects.

What exactly does SWMITI do?

The short answer; we show small organizations and companies
how to do more, and better, with their computers while saving
them money.

The long answer; We help anyone interested in increasing security,
reliability, and productivity while decreasing costs associated with
technology expenditures identify legacy and proprietary modes of
operations that can, and should, be replaced by open standard
systems and applications.

Whether your organization is a school, church, small business, not
for profit entity, or government office our combined decades of
computer and networking experience will show you these 6 things.

1) We can assist you to identify and quantify technology requirements.
2) We will show you how to get your computing and networking costs
in line with your business goals.
3) We can help you to regain control of your computing resources and
make them work for you.
4) We help identify how and when proprietary methods cost you
money twice, in productivity and cold hard cash.
5) We highlight security issues and how they impact you daily.
6) We show why proprietary software vendors DO NOT have your
best interests at heart.

If you can say any one of these 6 items affects your organization,
we need to sit down and talk for an hour, at no cost or obligation
to you. We can help, all you have to do is ask, and we will show you

Todd Pillars, founder of Terrabytes Data Storage Solutions and Modublox
Computer Equipment, has over 8 years of experience in Information
Technology as both CIO and CTO. His focus has been mainly in Linux
Research and Development, exploring a variety of open source software
projects and verifying OS hardware compatibility. Current projects
include organizing a laboratory setting for Educators, SMB's, and
NFP's to assess Linux deployment. Todd is a native of S.W. Michigan
and makes his home in Kalamazoo.

(20 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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