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Tuesday, December 20, 2005



Presented by Bruce Smith

Over 200 New Features in the Tiger Release Listed

Current Apple Release: Tiger v10.4.x

Chairperson John Bridleman recruited Vice-Chair Bruce Smith to
deliver the annual KLUG Apple Mac OS X Update. Bruce stepped up
and reintroduced us to a platform where hardware and software
compatibility is practically seamless. Everything just works
on Bruce’s Apple Powerbook G4 laptop.

Bruce Smith took us on a live demonstration tour of how he
navigates the Apple Mac OS X v10.4.x or Tiger GUI environment.
The tour included the look and feel of the desktop, the file
manager – Finder, application and system menus, system
preferences, Dashboard, Spotlight, development tools, X11,
OpenOffice.org v2.0, Camino, M$ Explorer – Mac, Firefox,
Thunderbird, Apple Mail, File Vault drive encryption, and
custom system configuration. Bruce answered specific questions
frequently during his presentation and graciously demonstrated
functions or features that people requested.

Bruce gave the Mac OS X v10.4.x the thumbs up! He said that
he could easily make the Mac his primary workspace. He had his
Powerbook G4 laptop dual booting Mac OS X 10.4.x and Ubuntu
Linux for the Power PC. He reported no problems with the
install of Ubuntu. You could see by his big smile that he is
very happy about all this. Many powerful tools in his hands,
and he knows what to do with them. Steve Jobs has delivered on
his promise!

The Fink project wants to bring the full world of Unix Open
Source software to Darwin and Mac OS X. They modify Unix
software so that it compiles and runs on Mac OS X.

When Bob asked this question 6 years ago on the KLUG mailing
list… he may have had a few replies. Today? Apple Mac users
enjoy a BSD based OS that is really functional. The Darwin
kernel is Open Source but much of Mac OS X is proprietary.

>To: klug@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [special moments in KLUG history]
>Subject: Linux on the Mac
>From: "Robert G. Brown"
>Date: Fri, 10 Sep 1999 10:33:07 -0400 (EDT)
>If you are running Linux (any flavor) on a Macintosh
>(any flavor), please send me direct (not a GROUP) reply.
> Regards,
> ---> RGB <---

(12 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)


Chairperson John Bridleman Recruits
Vice-Chair Bruce Smith to Deliver the
Annual KLUG Apple Mac OS X Update Posted by Picasa


Over 200 New Features in Apple's
Mac OS X v10.4.x Tiger Posted by Picasa


APPLE'S MAC OS X v10.4.x TIGER Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Presented by Todd Pillars

SWMITI Web Site:

Todd Pillars described a framework that facilitates the delivery
of affordable technology utilizing Open Source solutions and
support professionals. Bringing the customer’s process needs and

the advantages of Open Source solution implementations together.
How many people have been waiting for the Open Source community

to deliver an alternative to proprietary software? SWMITI offers
the opportunity to accomplish that for both customers and computer

SWMITI has recently been established to foster acceptance of open
source software, particularly the Linux operating system, in
education, not-for-profit, business, and government organizations
in the Southwest Michigan area. It is the hope of this initiative
that we will become the place for educators, businesses, and
entities that seek information, education, and collaboration with
others that have a desire to increase the productivity and also the

security of their computing environment. The mission of SWMITI is
to stimulate economic development through learning, collaboration,
and implementation of open source projects.

What exactly does SWMITI do?

The short answer; we show small organizations and companies
how to do more, and better, with their computers while saving
them money.

The long answer; We help anyone interested in increasing security,
reliability, and productivity while decreasing costs associated with
technology expenditures identify legacy and proprietary modes of
operations that can, and should, be replaced by open standard
systems and applications.

Whether your organization is a school, church, small business, not
for profit entity, or government office our combined decades of
computer and networking experience will show you these 6 things.

1) We can assist you to identify and quantify technology requirements.
2) We will show you how to get your computing and networking costs
in line with your business goals.
3) We can help you to regain control of your computing resources and
make them work for you.
4) We help identify how and when proprietary methods cost you
money twice, in productivity and cold hard cash.
5) We highlight security issues and how they impact you daily.
6) We show why proprietary software vendors DO NOT have your
best interests at heart.

If you can say any one of these 6 items affects your organization,
we need to sit down and talk for an hour, at no cost or obligation
to you. We can help, all you have to do is ask, and we will show you

Todd Pillars, founder of Terrabytes Data Storage Solutions and Modublox
Computer Equipment, has over 8 years of experience in Information
Technology as both CIO and CTO. His focus has been mainly in Linux
Research and Development, exploring a variety of open source software
projects and verifying OS hardware compatibility. Current projects
include organizing a laboratory setting for Educators, SMB's, and
NFP's to assess Linux deployment. Todd is a native of S.W. Michigan
and makes his home in Kalamazoo.

(20 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)


Todd Pillars Describes the Southwest Michigan
Information Technology Initiative Posted by Picasa


Affordable Services With Open Source Solutions Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005



Before we broke into workgroups, Todd Pillars focalized the
news about the Sony "root kit" that is installed without the
user’s knowledge when a music CD is played on a PC. This
software violation makes one vulnerable to numerous attacks.
Sony Infection – USA Today by Jefferson Graham

Brett Shaske brought in a PC and asked for help with crontab.
Andrew Thompson, KLUG Installmaster and Robert G. Brown
assisted in this process.

Todd Pillars was busy helping Mark Jones get Ubuntu v5.04
Intel x86 fully installed and then did some checks on SAMBA.
Mark had problems with the Ubuntu install and had tried to
Get OpenSuSE 10.x to work. Robert G. Brown was helping.
Ubuntu Kubuntu 5.04 Hoary Newbie Install Guide

Jim Rix was updating his laptop, running Fedora Core 4, with
the latest and greatest rpm’s. He had a noticeable smile as
the data flowed furiously down the JasNET internet pipe and
into his laptop.

Dirk Bartley, Adam Williams, and Bruce Smith were providing
backup problem solving and encouragement for all the workgroups.

There was a discussion about the Verizon Treo and what it can
do. At least two people had their Treo available to look at. One
was a treo 600 and the other a 650. Surf the web, send and receive
e-mail, access files, video or still enhanced camera, Bluetooth
connectivity, and the Palm OS. $40 monthly fee and $300 for
the unit.

This meeting is intended for those who are just curious
about Linux and Open Source software, who need some
help getting started, or want some extra eyes to look at
your advanced problem. You can also bring your computer
in order to have Linux installed on it, at no charge; or
to try a Linux distribution that boots from CD and requires
no change to your system's current software. Make sure
you arrange to get the software you want ahead of time.

If you would like to install Linux on a system, or you
need help with Linux, please fill out a Help Request so
that someone can research your hardware/software, etc...

Installations and assistance are done by appointment
ONLY. You must fill out the appropriate form one week
prior to the meeting.

(16 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)


Discussing the big flap over Sony BMG Music
Entertainment's infected copy-protected CDs. Posted by Picasa


For those who are just curious about Linux
and Open Source software, who need some
help getting started, or want some extra eyes
to look at a technical problem. Posted by Picasa


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