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Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Presented by Dirk Bartley

The link to Dirk’s Versioning Systems presentation slides:
To be posted soon… http://kalamazoolinux.org/presentations/

This is an update to the presentation from 2004-05-18 by Dirk Bartley.

Dirk showed us the features and structure of Subversion. He detailed
the installation and usage. First he showed us how CVS is installed
and how all that works.

"CVS is a versatile and very useful open source tool. I advise anyone
using frequently modified text files to use cvs. A common use for cvs
is to maintain and distribute c and c++ source code. Cvs is also good
for scripting languages such as sed, awk, php, python, bash and perl.
Other possibilities are are to maintain static web pages with cvs or to
maintain computerized numerical control programs. Cvs is a client
server application with command line and graphical clients available
for linux, unix and windows. We saw that it simpler than you may
have thought to get a cvs server assisting you in maintaining your
own work."


CVS - Concurrent Versions System

What the &*%$ is a Cederqvist?
"The Cederqvist" is the nickname for the CVS manual written by
Per Cederqvist et al:
Wikied Manual: http://ximbiot.com/cvs/manual/


Subversion 1.2.3 is now available.

What Is Subversion?
The goal of the Subversion project is to build a version control system
that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community.
The software is released under an Apache/BSD-style open source license.


To track incremental changes to files Dirk uses xxdiff graphical difference

Dirk told us about conversions, using a python script, from a CVS

More on CVS file conversions: http://www.softinterface.com

Somebody recommended that a good Geek Jeopardy question would be,
"What is the difference between an export and a checkout in Subversion?"

(16 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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