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Tuesday, September 13, 2005



Presented by Adam Williams

The link to Adam’s OR presentation slides:
To be posted soon…

"Reports, creating them, running them, distributing them - are the
bane of every developers, users, and administrators existence. But
people LOVE their reports. "

Adam Williams gave us a look at Open Source Open Reports. He
passed around a sample report to show what level of output can
be generated from a variety of database sources. We heard about
application installation and the associated programs, Tomcat and
Apache. Next we saw how you build a report and what options
are available. The print job scheduler sounds cool.

"Many commercial solutions exist to try and ease the agony of report
creation and management; most famously (or notoriously) is "Crystal
Reports." Crystal Reports XI Standard Edition Full Product (English)
costs $195. http://www.businessobjects.com/solutions/crystalreports/

"Open Reports is the Open Source answer to reporting. Using the
renowned Jasper reports format and libraries Open Reports provides
a power report server that runs reports on the server side, while

letting you develop reports in a client-side GUI assemble-it manner.
And not just any reports, but beautiful and colorful reports."

"Open Reports is a Java server combined with Tomcat and Apache.
iReport is a Java GUI application for building simple or very
sophisticated reports."

"Output can be delivered right to a user's browser window as PDF, to
their desktop as XLS, or as plain old CSV - all from the same report.
Access to reports can be restricted (on the server!) to certain users
and groups - and just for kicks a powerful scheduler is built in too."

Take a Look at the Open Reports Web Site:

- and -

(20 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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