KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, August 02, 2005



Hosted by KLUG Chairperson John Bridleman

Tonight there was one request for install help. Andrew
Thompson, KLUG Installmaster, helped Bill Lindemann
in an attempt to install SuSE Pro v9.3 on a unknown
secondhand PC. When errors were encountered the
diagnostics began. The Ubuntu v5.04 distribution CD
was loaded into the CD-ROM drive for install. Same
result as with the SuSE install. Then the hardware was
examined... something was blocking the process. Next
Bill Hollett stepped up to the hot seat with a Knoppix
CD in his hand. Last I noticed, it looked like cards
were being pulled from the motherboard bus sockets.
If it could be done... it was done.

While all this installation energy was being shared, the
rest of the group broke into gleeful multiple node audio
packet transfers... known to some, as talking together.
At least half a dozen laptops were connected to the Jas
Networks 2.3 mbps DSL by a WAP and quietly doing one

task or another. The snacks were devoured tonight.

Adam Williams brought boxes of hardware from his own
PC graveyard. The items included motherboards, RAM
memory, processors, network routers, modems, power
supplies, a printer buffer, cables, drive controllers,

and more. People were quite pleased with the treasures
that would have become trash. Funny nobody took the 4 Mb
30-pin parity SIMM’s. Those were $400 each stick back
in the early 1990’s. You could get 2 to 4 Gb of memory
for that money today. Hard drives were $1 per Mb then.

This meeting is intended for those who are just curious
about Linux and Open Source software, who need some
help getting started, or want some extra eyes to look at
your advanced problem. You can also bring your computer
in order to have Linux installed on it, at no charge; or
to try a Linux distribution that boots from CD and requires
no change to your system's current software. Make sure

you arrange to get the software you want ahead of time.

If you would like assistance with a specific problem please
e-mail a description to installmaster@kalamazoolinux.org,
so we can be sure someone familiar with your issue will be
available to assist you.

If you would like to install Linux on a system, or you
need help with Linux, please fill out a Help Request so
that someone can research your hardware/software, etc...

Installations and assistance are done by appointment
ONLY. You must fill out the appropriate form one week
prior to the meeting. If you only have general questions
or curiosity you don't need to do anything but show up!

(14 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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