KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, July 05, 2005



Hosted by KLUG Chairperson John Bridleman

There was an abbreviated introduction tonight after the
server room equipment checks were completed. The OSS
wireless network authentication program "NoCatAuth" was
not responding. The Devil Linux firewall box seemed to
be stalled. Everything was back to normal within minutes
and was perhaps due to weather related power issues.

There was a discussion about the 2005 KLUG 4th of July
gathering at Shirley and Bruce’s Mandigo quinta. There
were no reports of anything but fun and fine food. Thanks
to the Smiths for opening up their lovely home and grounds
to the members of KLUG and their significant others for
this annual event. Whitney, the large Newfoundland, was
the canine hostess for the four-legged guests. WOOF!

Tonight Kevin brought in his PC to get some help with a
Apache web server configuration in Debian. First he and
Dirk tackled a pesky X problem that was methodically
resolved. KLUG Installmaster Andrew Thompson was on top

of the situation tonight and reported no requests for
help with the installation of any of the many Linux
distributions that can be supported by KLUG. Is it so

easy now that anyone can install Linux themselves?

Within the discussions of the evening one could hear
world politics, economics, some silicon history, and the
probable future of computer technology applications.

Jon Smitley's beautiful 18 month old daughter, is KLUG's
youngest official voting member. See her picture below.
She was a delight all evening and entertained as she was
being entertained. Knowing her name might be valuable
when playing Final Geek Jeopardy this Fall.

At least half a dozen laptops were connected to the
Jas Networks 2.3 mbps DSL WAP and quietly doing
one task or another. The snacks were popular tonight.

This meeting is intended for those who are just curious
about Linux and Open Source software, who need some
help getting started, or want some extra eyes to look at
your advanced problem. You can also bring your computer
in order to have Linux installed on it, at no charge; or

to try a Linux distribution that boots from CD and requires
no change to your system's current software.

If you would like assistance with a specific problem please
e-mail a description to installmaster@kalamazoolinux.org,
so we can be sure someone familiar with your issue will be
available to assist you.

If you would like to install Linux on a system, or you
need help with Linux, please fill out a Help Request so
that someone can research your hardware/software, etc...

Installations and assistance are done by appointment
ONLY. You must fill out the appropriate form one week
prior to the meeting. If you only have general questions

or curiosity you don't need to do anything but show up!

(14 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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