KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, June 21, 2005



Presented by Kevin Wixson

See the presentation slide show here.

Inkscape is an Open Source vector drawing tool with capabilities
similar to Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, and CorelDraw
that uses the W3C standard scalable vector graphics format (SVG).
When you consider that Adobe Illustrator costs over $450, that
the proprietary source code is not user modifiable, and that no

personal support is available from developers... Inkscape shines
brightly. Direct end-user software support from Inkscape developers
is possible. The production program is FREE! Kevin displayed a
slide presentation and a live demonstration of Inkscape stable
release 0.41 that is intended for current production use.

He started with an introduction that explained the difference
between bitmap/raster images and scalable vector graphics. He

showed us examples of graphical images created using Inkscape.

We heard about the WC3 SVG standard and how the math of the
Bezier curve is fundamental. A statement was made by one
of the observers that, "What vector graphics do for images is

like what Postscript did for text." In the demonstration we
saw how to use various tools including the primary "Pen Tool."
You could hear frequent exclamations including 'wow' and 'nice'
from the presentation attendees. Learn more about the WC3 spec.
SVG is a language for describing two-dimensional graphics and
graphical applications in XML.

Support? The developers frequent IRC and can be found at
#inkscape. Check out
http://www.freenode.org for info. There
is a mailing list. Copious amounts of information is available
at the Inkscape Wiki

GPL’d desktop publishing Scribus, image-editing GIMP , and
vector graphics Inkscapes combine to give Open Source and
Linux a powerful suite of applications that are improving every
day through collaboration.


Kevin is a member of the documentation team for Inkscape,
presently a volunteer creating the working version of the

user’s manual. The link for the manual is located here:

Do you want 3415 public domain graphics that are in vector graphics
format? Kevin recommends that you visit Open Clip Art’s web site:

(21 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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