KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 17, 2005



Presented by Jamie McCarthy

Jamie McCarthy presented those at tonight’s KLUG meeting with
a good understanding of MySQL’s evolution and enhancements.

He was just back from a recent trip to California and THE MySQL
experience. The MySQL Users Conference was held April 18-21,
2005 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. The MySQL Users
Conference 2005 was the largest gathering of MySQL developers
and users. The 2005 Conference hosted leading industry keynote
speakers, the latest MySQL Open Source technologies, in-depth
sessions and tutorials, and an exhibit hall showcasing the latest
open source technologies.

Jamie used his IBM ThinkPad T30 and KLUG’s LTSP client box
to show us how MySQL works and what is new with it since the
v3.x days. We heard about v4.0, v4.1, and v5.0 . When you
install MySQL it is recommended that you use an RPM. You can
find out more details about MySQL on their developer’s web site.

Jamie showed us MySQL operating on the example database demo

"World." We heard about the different "engines" that can be
employed. InnoDB and MyISAM were the two we heard about.

He talked about the MySQL Cluster.

He described the MySQL GUI Tools: MySQL Administrator and
MySQL Query Browser. MySQL Migration Toolkit allows DB’s
to migrate from Microsoft Access, Oracle, and others. THIS IS

A BIG DEAL! Check out MySQL for yourself on a Linux or MS
Windows client. The software is GPL’d or you can license it.

All night there were many technical questions and discussions.
Jamie had a question from the audience about the use of stored
procedures. He asked for an example and then demonstrated
how you would write the code for this DB function. He showed
us how the "explain" command is used to display operations.

(22 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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