KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 03, 2005



Tonight was KLUG’s May General Assistance Meeting.
John opened the meeting with the standard introduction.
We broke into the mayhem phase and everyone began
multitasking and multiprocessing.

Installmaster Andrew Thompson helped Paul who was
trying to get a Winmodem working in Mandrake Linux
v10.2 2005 - Special Edition. Paul had a custom PC

with a K7 S5A Elite motherboard – 800 MHz AMD CPU –
10 Gb hard drive – 196 Mb RAM – and a pesky Winmodem.
Andrew's patient and dutiful attempts to coax the modem
to function were thwarted. Paul vowed to do the right
thing and acquire an external modem (a real hardware
modem with UART serial chips onboard).

Linux curious attendees Rob and Tim were welcomed
and given reference tips on KLUG and Linux. Several
members engaged them in discussion and their contact
information was recorded by the KLUG secretary.

Brock brought in a Compaq laptop with an AMD Athlon
64-bit processor running SuSE Pro v9.2. Ximian
Evolution was not configured right somehow and he
wanted someone to look things over. He was also
having trouble after an update of Firefox. Electrical
problems had the KLUG network hub down for the night
and prevented Brock from getting a web connection.

Kevin was seen over in the corner downloading and also
installing a program called Inkscapes. This is an open
source scalable vector graphics editor similar to Adobe
Illustrator, Freehand, and Corel Draw. It looked like
everything went well. Kevin is planning to make a KLUG
presentation in the near future.

One member was asking for help getting a PCMCIA card
driver working on his laptop. He kept getting a message
about the driver not being compatible with the currently
installed kernel version. Dirk jumped in and explained why
this was happening and what it would take to make it work.

The most amazing observation of the evening was when
Adam, John, and Brian were seen configuring Microsoft
Internet Explorer v6 on their laptops... and the Windows
Media Player v7 running in Gnome on SuSE Pro v9.3!!!
WHAT??? You better believe it. SuSE activates WINE in
the install process and it allows you to run Windows
programs right on your Linux desktop. Remember that
WINE stands for WINE IS NOT AN EMULATOR. Even those
Microsoft Office programs run too. Macromedia Flash
was being installed too!!! WHAT IS COMING NEXT???
There was even a big MY COMPUTER icon seen on John’s
desktop. A great new age has dawned in the Open Source
Software world. Bill Gates and his crashing code crew

in Redmond must be in a cold sweat over all this.

(16 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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