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Tuesday, May 10, 2005



Presented by Adam Williams

For details of Adam's presentation see:

OpenLDAP Software is an open source implementation of the Lightweight
Directory Access Protocol (LDAP). In a continuing series of technical
presentations focused at Linux network service administration, Adam
used his Toshiba laptop running SuSE Pro v9.3 and OpenOffice.org's
Impress software with the KLUG InFocus SVGA projector to give us an
outstanding lesson in building a federated LDAP directory service.
Adam fielded questions during and after the presentation with plenty
of pragmatism and humor.

Adam explained and demonstrated the flexibility of ODBC compatible
relational datasources being incorporated in the LDAP directory service.
Grabbing data from your RDB accounting application, Customer Relationship
Management(CRM) application, Contact Management System (CRS), and other
available LDAP directory datasources appears to be a very powerful
business-to-business communication implementation. If businesses made
their LDAP directories publicly available they could be more easily
accessed by customers and vendors. Why be afraid of spammers getting
the addresses? Your primary objective is to be accessible. Let your
mail server filter the spammers.

During the presentation, Adam showed us how to construct a multiple
datasource LDAP server using OpenGroupware.org software with the
PostgreSQL database. We saw that LDAP uses the back-sql interface
to access the SQL database. Adam also detailed the structures and
hierarchies the five configuration tables he constructed to define
the parameters. We saw the configuration of slapd.conf. A brief
description of Proxy Cache was made with more to come later. We were
shown that the configuration for Global Federation can be done so
public LDAP directory services can be accessed as needed or proxied.

LDAP 108 will cover the new OpenLDAP version 2.3 release.
LDAP 109 will cover the use of Proxy Cache in more detail.

(14 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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