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Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Intro to Open Object Rexx & Computing That Just Plain Works!

Intro to Open Object Rexx &
Preview of LDS's plans to open source technology
that delivers Computing That Just Plain Works!
Presented by Michael Lueck

Michael used his Dell laptop to display slides about Rexx with
the KLUG SVGA InFocus projector. He also had an Envision desktop
to demonstrate Electronic Software Distribution software. We heard
about the Object Oriented programming language called Rexx. An
interpreted language using human-oriented syntax. A full featured
OO programming language.


Features of Rexx:
* It supports a large number of REXX utilities applicable to the
Unix-type system environment already known from Object REXX for
OS/2 Warp or Object REXX for Windows.
* A Security Manager facility provides control over, for example, calls
on external functions, use of host commands, and access to the local
and environment directories.
* Support of TCP/IP sockets via the RxSocket interface allowing to
do network programming using TCP/IP facilities.
* Support of FTP services via the RxFtp interface enabling you to
transfer large amounts of files across the network using FTP facilities.
* Support of mathematical functions via the RxMath interface
enabling you to solve scientific mathematical problems.
* Support of regular expressions via the RxRegExp interface allowing
you to search for patterns.

Part 2 –
Electronic Software Distribution
MichaelDist v3.0 http://www.lueckdatasystems.com

Michael is developing an automated IT administration system that
makes sense. He showed a financial slide that calculated that an
average 100 workstation business could save $100,000 a year in
consulting and administration expenses. We heard about what is
coming in the near future with versions 3.5 and 4.0 of the
Electronic Software Distribution system development!

Traditional methods of administering computers utilize a 1:1 basis of
highly skilled and paid engineers to perform the necessary tasks. Our
solution to this problem is to utilize automation technology to carry
out the many aspects of managing computers. This creates economies of
scale for those performing the administration and a superior ROI from
computing technology.

Electronic Software Distribution is the necessary facility to accurately
and efficiently replicate world class IT administration across countless
computers. It is the single most important component of achieving
Computing That Just Plain Works as it can be made responsible for
managing the operating system, application software, configurations,
policies, security, and data protection on countless computers.

Part 3 –
During the presentation tonight, Michael had the desktop PC off to
the side performing a system installation using MichaelDist v3.0.
The monitor was facing the attendees so they could see what was
taking place on the screen. It churned and flashed and rebooted
occasionally, even played a little tune. The ESD system configured
a Windows 2000 Pro workstation with applications and everything
already loaded. Looked like v3.0 JUST PLAIN WORKED!

(16 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

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