KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 12, 2005



Presented by Adam Williams

For details of Adam's presentation see:

OpenLDAP Software is an open source implementation of the
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. In a continuing
series of presentations focused at Linux network service
administration, Adam used his laptop running SuSE Pro v9.2
and OpenOffice's Presentations software with the KLUG InFocus
SVGA projector to give us an outstanding lesson in LDAP
administration and advanced topics. Adam fielded questions
during and after the presentation. He prepared 44 slides.

The three areas of discussion included –

Performance Tuning:
* Configuring multiple caches
Set cache sizes
* BDB database utilities (Sleepycat)
db stat, db archive, db recover, & db checkpoint
The two main database files are dn2is.bdb & id2entry.bdb.

Access Control :
* Access Control Info (ACI)
* Access Control List (ACL)
Advantages and disadvantages were discussed & how it works
Security Strength Factor (SSF)

Conditional Replication & Back-LDAP:
* syncrepl application
Replication can include a filter
* LDAP’s virtual backend
Used for mangling Dit data or joining one Dit into another

(22 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)

[Thanks to Robert G. Brown for providing the two pictures below.]

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