KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 19, 2005



Presented by Eric Beversluis

Eric thoroughly reviewed Thomas Greene's new book
"Computer Security for the Home and Small Office."
Published by Apress in 2004, the book sells for $39.99.
Eric used his Sony VAIO laptop running Mandrake Linux,
OpenOffice v2.0 Presentations, and the KLUG InFocus
SVGA projector to make this presentation .

Eric’s presentation can be found at:

Tom Greene covers cybercrime, computer, and network
security for The Register (www.the register.co.uk).
This is an online journal whose motto is "Biting
the Hand that Feeds IT". He presents a wide-ranging,
practical treatment of his topic, leading to his
concluding chapter, "Trust Nothing, Fear Nothing."
Constantly lurking in the background and occasionally
bursting to the foreground are the visions of Orwell's
"1984" and Kafka's "The Trial" as Greene considers not
only the risks from "script kiddies" and hackers, but
also from Big Business and Big Government.

Computer Security for the Home and Small Office
by Thomas C. Greene

Chapter 1 - The Dark Side
Chapter 2 - Vectors
Chapter 3 – Social Engineering
Chapter 4 - From Newbie to Power User
Chapter 5 - Treasure Hunt
Chapter 6 - Open Source Escape Hatch
Chapter 7 - Trust Nothing, Fear Nothing
Appendix A - Glossary
Appendix B - Procedure, Processes, and Ports
Appendix C – Online Resources

(19 Linux Enthusiasts Attending)
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