KLUG Weekly Meeting Notes

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Secure Socket Layer & OpenSSL

Presented by Dirk Bartley

View Dirk’s presentation:
For more details: http://www.openssl.org

Tonight Dirk Bartley presented the basics of how Secure Socket
Layer works. OpenSSL is a project that allows you to use/create
client server applications that communicate with each other in
an encrypted fashion. Various protocols and encryption levels
were selectable. Instead of getting deeply technical, a general
discussion of each area was described.

Dirk demonstrated how to set up the SSL config file. He warned
that you must have forward and reverse DNS working first. We
heard about OpenSSL and LDAP implementation (slapd.config entries).
Dirk discussed certificate authorization from the command line and
from a GUI called tinyCA (http://tinyca.sm-zone.net/). He talked
about SSL use on both servers and clients.

He also showed us the process for configuring SSL in the Apache
web server, the web Mozilla browser, and the Cyrus Imap e-mail
server. The process was similar for all these implementations.

Dirk used a KLUG LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) workstation,
40 slides prepared with OpenOffice Presentations, and the KLUG SVGA
video projector to painlessly lead us through the content tonight.

He answered specific questions throughout this session.

(16 Linux enthusiasts attending)

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